Jessica L. Levasseur

Environmental Health and Exposure Science Researcher

About my research

I am an exposure scientist and an advocate for better regulation of chemicals found in everyday products. My expertise is in assessing human exposure to best understand how and when people are exposed to chemicals that may cause adverse health outcomes. In my research, I seek ways to utilize biomonitoring data and novel exposure assessment tools for targeted interventions that reduce toxic exposures, as well as for advocating for better protection against unregulated chemical exposures in the United States. My research is driven by the desire to create health equity through the characterization of chemical exposures and potential resulting health effects so everyone can live the healthiest life possible.
My background as both a lab scientist and consultant led me towards translating science into policy to protect the health of vulnerable populations, such as those affected by chemical exposures at home and at work. Now, I'm a PhD Candidate and Health Policy Research Scholar, creating actionable research for policies that create health equity.

Click here to learn more about my dissertation. You can also find my other work here.
A broad goal in my work is to apply exposure science toward addressing environmental injustices nationwide. My work as a Robert Wood Johnson Health Policy Research Scholar and through my recent work at the Environmental Law and Policy Clinic at Duke University School of Law.
Please use the "Contact form" to get in touch with me if you have any questions, want to learn more, or if you just want to chat about exposure science!



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