Jessica L. Levasseur

Environmental Health and Exposure Science Researcher

Characterizing Durham Firefighters's Exposure

Working with the Durham Fire Department and funded by the Duke Cancer Institute, we deployed silicone wristbands on approximately 20 firefighters to capture exposure while at home and while working. We also were able to assess the impact of responding to a fire (or not) while working. Future work will include serum analysis of particular compounds. These exposure analyses will hopefully help bring clarity to why firefighters are diagnosed with cancer at higher rates, and at younger ages, than the general population. 

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Characterizing firefighter's exposure to over 130 SVOCs using silicone wristbands: A pilot study comparing on-duty and off-duty exposures

Jessica L Levasseur, Kate Hoffman, Nicholas J Herkert, Ellen Cooper, Duncan Hay, Heather M Stapleton

Science of The Total Environment, vol. 834, Elsevier, 2022, p. 155237